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Userscloud Premium vs Free Account

In corporate plans, Premium offers 500 GB of storage and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth per year for 268 Euros, while Premium Plus offers 1 TB of backup space and 1 TB of monthly bandwidth. If we look at the features of the Userscloud site, individual users; Free Membership has 2 GB storage space (maximum 1 GB per file) 5 GB bandwidth, which means file download limit, and non-premium members can download files at 70 kb / second. Your Userscloud files are deleted if they are not downloaded within 180 days. When you receive a Premium membership for Userscloud, you will have a download limit of up to 500 GB and you will be able to download your files as fast as your system and internet support.

Make Money With

If you want to make money with, the system has a Business Partnership Program. You can earn 60% money from the premium memberships you receive from the customers you send to the site, and you can earn 50% commission from someone who previously bought a premium and re-ordered. If we look at the earnings per download system; Userscloud gold, silver and bronze countries. While the gold group includes Germany - England - France - Spain - Canada Belgium - United States - Australia, between 3 and 100 MB files cost 8 euros to download 1000 times, 100-1000 MB files cost 30 euros to download 1000 times. For the category of Denmark - Greece Italy - Japan - Netherlands - Poland - Russia Sweden - Switzerland - Austria in the silver category, it costs 4 euros to download 3 to 100 MB files, 8 euros to download 100 to 1000 MB files 1000 times. Finally Bronze category, located in Turkey - Brazil - Argentina - Mexico country to the 3 / 100MB to 1000 times download for 1 Euro 100 / to 1000MB files 1000 Download 4 serves euros.
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